Cutting edge Technique with Soul

Our mission at Spaghetti Fire Productions is to create unique and compelling custom music for our client's needs.  We do this through close client collaboration and a streamlined workflow through the use of our in-house production studio.  No project is too small - from sound design and composition for video games to full blown orchestral arrangements for film.  Our team of producers and composers are accomplished multi-instrumentalists that pull from years of experience in the industry.

Rhythm tracks performed and recorded at Spaghetti Fire by our own Tacket Brown from our large collection of orchestral and world percussion for the official trailer and end credits for Monolith’s Middle-earth sequel, “Shadow of War”

Spaghetti Fire was asked by Seattle Filmmaker Lisa van Dam-Bates to compose a gritty analog synth based film score for the up coming Horror Thriller  "Marla Mae".

Chris co-composed this track for client in a French Busking style

An example of title screen/cut scene music for a WOW type game.

An example of retro Video game music. This was composed in house featuring several new and vintage analog Synths.

Chris Co-Composed the James Beard award winning short documentary for Client

Chris Wrote the score to the Sci-Fi film "Home Sweet Home" courtesy of Brickyard films. This is the ending sequence sans dialog.

Another segment from "Home Sweet Home"

Chris composed this track for Client with a bowed electric upright bass and pots, soup laDels and anything else found around ChefSteps Pike Place location to create percussion 

Chris wrote the trailer music for the upcoming web series about the history and Future of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu called "The Academy". Chris is also composing several of the individual episodes.