Anything, Anytime.

We produce all of our music in house with both the most up to date modern approaches and also the classic ways which yield all of the warmth and texture to our compositions. We are all multi-instrumentalists who pride ourselves in mastering the nuances of many different and unique instruments and sounds. Any sound we need is no farther away than arms length.

A Live in studio improv featuring Tacket and Chris on Drums and Synth.

Ambient electronic piece composed on all analog synths

Tacket laying down some nasty Vibes @ SFP

We got the great opportunity to work with the cast of the Seattle Rep's exciting musical production, "Lizard Boy". We tracked their upcoming cast recording here @ SFP

Drums  recorded and performed by Tacket Brown

Created and Produced by Chris Cullman. Recorded at Synergy Studios w/ Jason Shavey engineering.